SAWIC  Membership Acceptance Criteria

  • CIPC Registration
  • Female Directorship of 50% plus
  • NHBRC affiliation (Optional)
  • CIDB affiliation

Membership application approval  is a sole discretion of SAWIC & BE’s  management structures. (Membership fee payments can only be made upon receipt of a membership confirmation email with a membership number from the Membership Department)

SAWIC  Membership Profile includes:

  • Contractors
  • Small business owners along the down and up stream construction value chain
  • Associate members
  • Corporate members
  • Honorary members
  • Life membership
  • Students who are studying to qualify in the built environment
  • International members for women outside the borders of South Africa (but cannot vote nor be office bearers)

SAWIC Gauteng engages in stakeholder and membership analysis in order to fully identify and interact with all its relevant stakeholders so as to maximise value for its members.

  • Education and training to improve member skills and capacity
  • Advocacy and lobbying government
  • Networking
  • Marketing and promotion of the organisation
  • Joint venturing with other private and public organisations through our investment company


Membership targets: 3 to 5 years

  • Currently the bulk (90%) of our membership is composed of CIDB grade1 with CIDB grades 2 – 4 sitting at 5% and the rest sitting between grades 6 to 8.
  • Our plan is to change this skewed picture by aggressively lobbying for our lower grades to secure projects thus resulting in the following desired picture within 3 to 5 years:
  • CIDB 1 to 2
  • CIDB 3 to 5
  • CIDB 6 to 9
  • Professionals


Membership Fees 2024

  • New membership: R 1350
  • Membership renewal: R 1150 (for existing members)
  • Co-operatives: R 2070
  • Corporates: R 17250
  • Students: R 280